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The Nova Scotia Disabled Persons Commission (DPC) first met 1990 following the creation of the Disabled Persons Commission Act by the Nova Scotia Government in 1989. The DPC Act was created to give persons with disabilities a voice in government's creation of policies and programs that directly affect them. This is an image of a man in a powerchair at the NSCC Waterfront Campus with downtown Halifax in the background.

  • promote the concerns of persons with disabilities within the provincial government
  • advise the Coordinating Committee of Ministers on disability issues
  • promote information about programs and services for persons with disabilities
  • review existing government policies and programs for persons with disabilities;
  • make the general public aware of what it can do to facilitate the integration of persons with disabilities into the social and economic mainstream of the community.


The DPC has 12 members including seven community appointments who either have a disability or represent the disability community in their region of the province. The remaining five members represent provincial departments that provide programs and services for persons with disabilities. The Governor-in-Council tries to appoint members who represent the various regions of the province. Members elect the Chair who must be a representative of the disability community and be a person with a disability. Each member serves a two-year term.

Coordinating Committee of Ministers

When promoting the concerns of persons with disabilities within government. the DPC primarily reports to the Coordinating Committee of Ministers which in turn advises the Government of Nova Scotia on the status of persons with disabilities.

The following members of the Coordinating Committee are selected from Ministries which have a direct stake or investment in the services and programs being provided to persons with disabilities:

Get Involved

The Province of Nova Scotia needs people from all walks of life to serve the public on Nova Scotia’s adjudicative and non-adjudicative agencies, boards and commissions (ABCs).  If you would like to be considered for appointment to the Disabled Persons Commission please apply to Executive Council.  You will find information about posiitons on the DPC under Non-Adjudicative> Community Services.